Vaser Back and Flanks

The fatty tissue here can be really fibrous (tough). We thus recommend having this under twilight sedation.

The garment is worn 2 weeks full time and then 2 weeks during the day.

Often we perform these areas in combination with the arms or flanks, in which case we can consolidate the incision points to a minimal.

The skin folds may not disappear but should certainly be less noticeable.

We can treat the flanks in isolation or in combination with the abdomen or even the mid back or thighs.

The treatment is feasible under local anaesthetic. If you have a low threshold to discomfort then having the twilight sedation is advised.

The procedure is performed through 2-4 tiny incisions, that will fade over time.

In females we try and achieve the waist to hip ratio of 0.7, which gives the hourglass appearance.

In males we generally try achieve a straighter contour.

26 year old Male, VASER abdomen, flanks and chest

35 year old Female, VASER flanks (love handles)

40 year old female, VASER to the flanks (love handles)

30 yr old female patient, VASER to the flanks creating shapely waist before surgery