Hand Rejuvenation

As we age our skin thins, we get sunspots and we also loose volume in our hands. This can make our hands look older than we actually are.

All these three events can be addressed. Volume loss and skin thinning can be improved with autologous fat transfer. Sunspots can be removed with IPL (intense pulsed light).

The fat transfer involves taking a sample of fat from an area where you have surplus (waist, inner thighs, knees) and then re-injecting it into the hands. This is all performed under local anaesthetic as a day case.


Who is suited for the procedure?

Anyone who has lost some volume in the hands and the hands look aged. If you have some surplus fatty tissue then we can use that.


What are the other alternatives?

Doing nothing is always an option. Fillers have also been used to rejuvenate hands, but do not last that long.