VASER Liposuction and diabetes

VASER Liposuction and diabetes, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), thyroid dysfunction

Any hormone or metabolic syndrome brings with it various physical and functional attributes. With many metabolic syndromes and diseases weight control and fat distribution can be very tricky.

Important is to keep the parameters (sugar levels, thyroid levels, sex hormones) at reasonably healthy and normal levels. It goes without saying that healthy diet, regular exercise also go hand in hand.

If there are, however, disproportionate pockets of fatty material then these can be removed with any form of liposuction.  We prefer to use VASER liposuction as this allows us to perform the procedure under local anaesthetic and or sedation.  You do not need a general anaesthetic.  With any of the metabolic syndromes we prefer to avoid general anaesthetics.

Prior to proceeding it is imperative that we have as many test results as possible and possibly also discuss this with your consultant.