VASER to the Abdomen

We divide the abdomen into upper and lower abdomen (separated by the umbilicus –> tummy-button). Generally we treat both together so as to prevent a step from forming between the two areas.

In most cases we perform this under twilight sedation (this means you will be drowsy and have good pain relief, and will not remember a thing).

The compression garment is worn for 2 weeks fulltime and then 2 weeks during the day.

We also recommend MLD massages in the first 3 weeks after the procedure, with the first one the next day. Have a look at our MLD page to get an idea on how many you require.

The picture alongside indicates where the access points will be made. These will leave a 5-6mm scar, which will fade over time.

VASER to the Abdomen FAQ

  • Question: When can I go into the sun?

    Answer: There is no restriction as long as you cover the incision points with decent SPF to prevent the new skin from burning.

  • Question: Will I have drains for the abdomen treatment?

    Answer: We insert two tiny tubes that create an escape route for excess fluid that needs to drain. These will generally stay on for 3-5 days.

  • Question: When can I go back to work?

    Answer: We recommend 4-5 days of home time. You can work from home.

  • Question: When can I resume exercise?

    Answer: Unlimited walking you can do from day 1. Low intensity exercise you can resume after about 2 weeks. High intensity exercise from about 4-5 weeks. This is all comfort dependent.