VASER Liposuction Arms For Women

VASER Liposuction For Arms

Sagging, chubby arms can be an issue for many women. No matter how much you exercise or eat well, sometimes fat stored in the arms just won’t shift. This can lead to confidence issues, self-consciousness when wearing clothes without sleeves and overall dissatisfaction with appearance.

Dr Wolf is a VASER Liposuction specialist and regularly carries out VASER Liposuction on the arm area. It’s a unisex procedure, however often women see bigger changes in their arms and the reduction of ‘bingo wings’. Take a look at some FAQ’s about VASER Liposuction for the arms.


How Can You Get Rid Of Upper Arm Fat?

For many women, trying to get rid of upper arm fat can be a nightmare. It can seem like no matter how much you try, the bingo wings are still there. This is how VASER Liposuction works to reduce arm fat:

  • In most cases, the first step is to receive local anesthetic and twilight sedation 
  • Tiny incisions are made in the elbow and armpit crease, to allow the probes and cannulas in
  • Then, the fat is emulsified using small probes that carry ultrasound energy
  • This process liquefied fat by vibrating the fat cells, making it easy to sculpt the body
  • The fat is then removed with tiny cannulas that use suction to remove the fat from the body
  • The VASER liposuction process is much more gentle and lessens the risk of bruising and bleeding.


What Area Of The Arm Can You Remove Fat From?

Using VASER Liposuction, you could remove fat from any area of the arm, however often people opt to have the upper arm area treated. This is simply because in most women fat is more likely to build there as opposed to lower down in the forearm.  The forearm is a thinner structure and contains many nerves, blood vessels and tendons. This area is difficult to perform liposuction on as it comes with more risks and complications.

You can have VASER liposuction on both the inner and outer arm area as well as the shoulder and ‘bra fat’ pouch. Essentially, anywhere around the arm can be sculpted using VASER liposuction techniques.

VASER Liposuction Arms For Women FAQ

  • Question: What is the recovery process like for VASER liposuction on arms?

    Answer: Liposuction on the arms is treated as a day case, meaning that in most cases you can come in and leave the same day. The recovery after the procedure is only a couple of days, however you will need to wear compression garments for around a month in order to speed up recovery and ensure optimum results. You are able to do your day to day chores/work without any issue. Tenderness will be felt when stretching the arms upwards.

  • Question: Can the back of the arms be sculpted?

    Answer: Yes, we can sculpt the triceps and deltoid muscle outlines to make the upper arm appear more toned and show off some definition. The extent of this can be tailored to your requirements. Not everyone wants to have muscle definition.

  • Question: Does VASER Liposuction on the arms hurt?

    Answer: During the procedure, you shouldn’t experience pain since the area is numbed with local anaesthetic. You will also be under twilight sedation during the procedure, so you should be very comfortable.

  • Question: Can the skin sag or droop after arm liposuction?

    Answer: Yes it can if you are not a suitable candidate and too much skin elasticity has been lost. In this case we will not treat you and recommend and arm lift.

  • Question: If I’ve had liposuction and the skin has sagged can I still have an arm-lift?

    Answer: Yes you can. Often patients will decide to have liposuction first to see if the skin will contract. This gives them the opportunity to have a less invasive procedure first without a long scar. You can then always still have an arm-lift if required.

  • Question: Who Can Get VASER Liposuction On Their Arms?

    Answer: The treatment is suitable for both men and women of all age groups. It enables reshaping by targeting stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise, so it is suited to anyone who is unhappy with their arms and unable to change them through lifestyle changes.

  • Question: Can The Arms Be Treated Alongside Other Areas?

    Answer: Yes - often people opt to have their arms done as a secondary procedure whilst they are already under twilight sedation for another area. So long as the areas are not too large, Dr Wolf is able to treat multiple areas at once. The number of areas we can treat together depends on your body-weight due to the local anaesthetic.

  • Question: Can Arm Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

    Answer: yes. VASER liposuction is an incredible technique that can remove fat in order to sculpt the arms. However, if you are not disciplined and do not exercise the fat can come back proportionally.

  • Question: How Much Does VASER Liposuction On The Arms Cost?

    Answer: Each procedure varies depending on the size of the body part and the amount of areas that you are having treated. The best thing to do is register your contact details and request a call back for an accurate quote.