Thigh Liposuction For Women

Thigh Liposuction For Women

For many women, the thought of having slimmer, more defined thighs is very enticing. The thighs can be a real problem area for many women, who find that fat can bulk up on the legs causing an imbalanced body shape. This is especially true for women who suffer from fat disorders like Lipoedema. 

That’s where thigh liposuction comes in. Removing the fat from the thighs via liposuction can have benefits way beyond the aesthetic appearance. In taking away bulky fat from the legs, often women feel more confident, able to more freely and more motivated to exercise.


 What Areas Of Thigh Can We Perform Liposuction On?

As the thigh area is such a large zone, it is broken down into sections. You can have thigh liposuction on the following areas:


  • Inner thigh: you can have fat taken from the inside of your thigh to create shape and definition or a thigh gap..
  • Outer thigh (saddle bags): These may often give you a pear shape or heavy lower disproportion.  If you would like to remove fat from your outer thigh to give an overall slimmer appearance, this is possible.
  • Posterior thigh: this refers to the back of the leg, where bulk fat deposits can be removed.
  • Anterior thigh: the front of the thigh sometimes has a bowing effect rather than appearing straight.  We can reduce this rounded appearance and make the front of the thigh appear more straight.
  • Banana fold: this is the tiny bit of fat under the buttock fold, that can sometimes appear as a double fold.  This area is tricky to treat as it also supports the buttocks and if over-treated then the buttocks can droop.
  • Knees: usually there is a deposit of fat on the inside of the knees.  Fatty deposits can also occur above the knee and create a small fold.


What Procedures Are Recommended For Thigh Fat Removal?

  • VASER Liposuction is the go to technique that can reshape the thighs and create definition around the thighs. It is ideal for removing large amounts of thigh fat, as well as removing smaller amounts of fat to create shapely legs.
  • Finally, Micro Lipo can be used as a method of thigh fat liposuction on the smaller areas like the banana fold and especially around the knees.


Thigh Liposuction For Women FAQ

  • Question: How Can I Slim Down My Legs?

    Answer: If you are looking for slimmer, more defined legs then liposuction can help. Often, thigh fat can be stubborn and non-responsive to exercise and dietary changes, whereas liposuction is able to remove it straight from the source.

  • Question: What Is The Thigh Lipo Recovery Process Like?

    Answer: It is actually very straight forward. Your mobility is really not that impaceted at all. Liposuction on the thigh area is treated as a day case, meaning that you can walk in and out on the same day all going well. MLD massage and compression garments will aid the recovery process however you may still see swelling and bruising for a few weeks. We encourage walking immediately the next day and generally people can expect to be back to their day to day life within a week. Full recovery can be expected after about 4 weeks.

  • Question: Can You Remove Leg Fat Without Losing Muscle?

    Answer: Yes! VASER Liposuction is perfect at targeting pockets of fat and sculpting around the muscle in order to give a toned look. By removing the outer fat layer it can also improve function and mobility especially with Lipoedema.

  • Question: How Can You Reduce Inner Thigh Fat?

    Answer: You can exercise more and target the inner thigh area if you are looking to lose inner thigh fat, however some people may find that their body naturally stores fat in the inner thigh. Often excess bulk in this area can result in friction and chafing which is uncomfortable. This area can be very hard to combat, and therefore liposuction is a great choice for those people.

  • Question: Does thigh liposuction hurt?

    Answer: During the procedure, you shouldn’t experience pain since the area is numbed with local anaesthetic. You will also be under twilight sedation during the procedure, so you should be very comfortable. However, you may experience discomfort in the recovery period following thigh liposuction and painkillers are recommended to combat this.