Skin rejuvenation for Men

Most men will deny using any sort of skin care products etc, but probably don’t realise that using aftershave, moisturises with SPF and skin cleansers all help with maintaining health skin.

We can take this to the next level and incorporate some preventative and corrective regimes.

Men don’t really like using too many lotions and potions, so keeping it to a minimum is ideal.

Combination treatments are best as we can correct, maintain and rejuvenate.

This will come in the form of skin care programs, botox, peels or PRP.

The ideal combination will be discussed at your consultation and tailored to your requirements.

Skin rejuvenation for Men FAQ

  • Question: How long are the skin care programs?

    Answer: Initially one would start with 9-12 weeks on intense programs, and after the skin has been primed a maintenance program is continued.