Male Chest Reduction

What is Male Chest Reduction/Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia refers to increased breast tissue, that can be caused as a result of an increase in oestrogen levels or excessive weight gain. Gynecomastia can cause men to have the appearance of breasts, as opposed to a strong and toned chest.

Male chest  reduction surgery helps men feel their best, by restoring the natural masculinity of the chest and reducing the appearance of breasts. Dr Wolf performs VASER Lipo combined with micro-lipo that removes the unwanted bulk of breast and fatty tissue. This chest  reduction leaves men with a smooth, contoured and shapely chest area.



 Male Breast

What Happens During Male Chest Fat Reduction Surgery using VASER?

Male chest fat reduction is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning that it is performed through 2 tiny holes on each side of the chest. Most procedures only require local anesthetic and sedation, which ensures that the patient feels minimal pain and can go home the same day.

Once the patient is comfortable and the area has been numbed, Dr Wolf will start using the VASER probe to liquefy the fat and gland. We can then use gentle suction to remove the emulsified fat and gland. This is compared to traditional liposuction techniques or surgical excision techniques which are often more aggressive and traumatic.

What other options are there?

Besides traditional liposuction there is also excision surgery where the gland and fat are dissected out with a scalpel.  This is usually performed under general anaesthesia and takes a little longer. The recovery process is also longer and more uncomfortable.  In some cases though it’s the only option to reduce the excess tissue.

Who Is A Male Chest Reduction For?

Male chest  reduction is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments for men. This is because it suits anyone who has more chest tissue than they would prefer, and it can change the look of the chest and body very quickly. 

For men who are self-conscious about their chest fat, they can find it looks unsightly in T-shirts and no matter what they do, the breast tissue will not respond to weight loss. In this sense, male chest  reduction is for those who need their fat and gland physically removed when it won’t respond to diet and exercise.

Male Chest Reduction FAQ

  • Question: How much does male chest reduction cost?

    Answer: Male Chest Reduction can vary depending on the amount of tissue and the size of the chest area. The best way to receive an accurate quote is to book a consultation or call back from Dr Wolf. You can also head to our Prices Page for more information.

  • Question: How long does Gynecomastia surgery take?

    Answer: Gynecomastia surgery will usually take around 1-1.5 hours, however this will vary on a case by case basis.

  • Question: Does male chest fat reduction hurt?

    Answer: During the procedure, you shouldn’t experience pain since the area is numbed with local anaesthetic. You will also be under twilight sedation during the procedure, so you should be very comfortable. However, you may experience discomfort in the recovery period following male chest fat reduction and painkillers are recommended to combat this.

  • Question: How long is the recovery period for chest fat reduction?

    Answer: It is sensible to assume that you will need at least one day off work to recover from surgery. However, we treat Gynecomastia surgery as a day case, meaning that you will walk in and out on the same day in most cases. You should be able to go straight home after the procedure and start recovering.

  • Question: When can I start exercising after chest fat reduction surgery?

    Answer: The recovery process should be near complete after one week and after a couple of weeks you should be able to return to chest exercise. That being said, it’s recommended that you stay away from chest exercise until 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Non-chest exercises can be resumed as soon as you feel up to it and on a comfort basis and being sensible.

  • Question: What are the risks of male chest fat reduction?

    Answer: Any medical procedure like this involves a level of risk, however for a healthy patient the risks are relatively low. In terms of aesthetic risk, people often worry about skin laxity and contour irregularity. For men who have a lot of fat removed, there can be irregularity if the skin isn’t supple enough to bounce back into shape. Most men won’t notice any skin laxity issues, and often for those that do it is a small price to pay for amazing overall results. If Dr Wolf thinks there is a skin laxity risk, he will not treat you. The risk will be assessed and discussed when you book a consultation.