Brazilian buttlift, Fat transfer to the buttocks

If you have some surplus fatty tissue that we can harvest and transfer then the buttocks is the perfect place.

We combine this treatment with contouring and shaping of the lower back and sometimes the thighs.

Its all about perception and ratios between the waist and hips.

The ideal female waist to hip ration is 0.7. With larger “bootys” becoming more appealing the ratio has moved to less than 0.7.

The ideal male ratio is 0.8 as males have a straighter silhouette.  Females prefer a more hourglass silhouette.

To a large extent the ability to achieve the 0.7 ratio depends on your underlying anatomy.  If your last rib to pelvis distance is reasonable then one can achieve an hourglass appearance.  If the distance is short then this is less likely.

What does the treatment involve?

We perform VASER lipo to the desired harvest sites and after some filtering we can re-inject it into the buttocks.

The procedure is performed as a day case under local tumescent anaesthesia and IV sedation.  You will be able to go home after the procedure.

The process takes about 3 hours.

What is the benefit over buttock implants?

Buttocks implants have the notorious risk of rotating, moving, or becoming infected.  They will also eventually need to be removed and replaced.  As they are rather large they can also be felt through the overlying tissue.

Brazilian buttlift, Fat transfer to the buttocks FAQ

  • Question: Can I sit after the treatment?

    Answer: You will have to refrain from sitting for 2 weeks. Depending on where we inject the majority of the fat you may sit on a doughnut cushion.

  • Question: How much of the fat will survive?

    Answer: Every patient is different. In rare instances all of the injected fat disappears. On average about 50-60% survives.

  • Question: How long will the results last?

    Answer: Again this depends on the individual. Every person is different and it depends on your lifestyle, genetics, diet, and exercise routine.

  • Question: What if I want implants after the fat transfer?

    Answer: You can still have implants. Having the fat transfer does not preclude you from having implants as a second procedure.