Symptoms of Lipoedema: Lipoedema or just fat?

Lots of women live their lives assuming that they are ‘just fat’, only to realise after a consultation that they have symptoms of Lipoedema. According to studies, Lipoedema is thought to affect at least 11% of the female population and whilst many women who have Lipoedema don’t realise they have it, there are subtle differences between the symptoms of Lipoedema and obesity.

Do I have Lipoedema

According to research, the symptoms of Lipoedema were virtually unknown within the medical profession until a few years ago. As a result, diagnosing women with Lipoedema wasn’t and still isn’t an easy task. So how do you know if you have the symptoms of Lipoedema?

Well, Lipoedema is a fat disease which causes gynoid fat on the body to grow excessively, no matter what your lifestyle. Although excessive gynoid fat is a classic symptom of lipoedema, it’s not the fat itself that’s the enemy. This type of fat is responsible for the attractive curves that develop on a woman during puberty – it’s soft in texture and makes a woman appear fuller.

However, when this fat becomes painful and heavy you can have serious issues. This is what happens in women with symptoms of Lipoedema. Sadly, the fat grows at an excessive rate and can be uncomfortable.

Symptoms of Lipoedema

If you’re reading this wondering if you’re part of the 11%, take a look at the top symptoms of Lipoedema to find out whether you need to book a consultation:

  • Soft, cold fat that lies on the legs, arms and hips
  • Fat that is largely unresponsive to exercise, diet changes and medicinal treatment
  • Fat that feels painful, achey and heavy
  • Skin that bruises very easily
  • Fluid retention
  • Fat that bunches and makes the limbs appear swollen or full of fluid

Can Lipeodema be cured?

For women who have symptoms of Lipoedema, fat loss can be extremely difficult. Many women feel demotivated, unwell and even depressed by how their condition affects them. This can be even more true for women who haven’t had a consultation with a professional and don’t know whether it is Lipoedema or just fat.

As previously mentioned, Lipoedema fat doesn’t respond to exercise and at present there is no medical therapy or treatment that fully ‘cures’ Lipoedema symptoms. Vaser Liposuction is the number one treatment to relieve the symptoms of Lipoedema and works by targeting the stubborn areas of fat.

Not only can the symptoms of Lipodema affect appearance, they can have a debilitating effect on general health and fitness. This can be really demoralising for women with Lipoedema and it’s more important than ever that we keep researching the topic to ensure that we can give those with Lipoedema a better quality of life.

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