New Research Shows That Men Who Have Surgery Are Perceived As More Likeable

If you needed another reason to book a consultation and get your surgery journey started, new research has shown that men who have cosmetic procedures are perceived as more attractive and more likeable. We’re having a quick look at the research published by the JAMA facial plastic surgery network to help you decipher which procedures might not only help you look younger, but look more friendly, trustworthy and likeable too!

Cosmetic surgery could improve how you are perceived 

Traditional reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery include looking youthful and attractive, however for years people have overlooked the other benefits of facial surgery such as looking more trustworthy and approachable. The facial muscles are extremely expressive and play a big part of how we communicate with others – in fact, 90% of what we say relies less on what we actually say and more on our body language when we say it.

It shouldn’t be surprising then, that when men undergo plastic surgery to improve the appearance of their face, they are perceived as more likeable along with an array of other positive personality attributes. 

What did the study prove?

The study surveyed 145 lay participants who rated photographs of 24 men before and after facial cosmetic surgery. These results showed that the ratings improved in terms of attractiveness, likeability, social skills, and trustworthiness.

According to the research abstract, “the results of this study suggest that men undergoing facial cosmetic surgery may experience changes in perceived attractiveness, masculinity, and a variety of personality traits. These findings complement those from a previous study on female patients, which together broaden the understanding of the association of cosmetic surgery with societal perceptions of persona.”

Which Cosmetic Procedures Improve How You’re Perceived?

The research took into account many different procedures such as face lifts, chin augmentations and blepharoplasty (lifting and shaping of the eyelids). The study found improvements in perception in the following procedures and traits.

  • Upper eyelid surgery – positive changes in likeability and trustworthiness
  • Lower eyelid surgery – decreased perception of risk seeking
  • Facelift surgery – increased perception of likeability and trustworthiness 
  • Neck lift surgery – Improved perception of extroversion and masculinity

Thinking Of Booking A Consultation?

If you want to learn more about the results of this study, you can read the full article over on the JAMA website. Alternatively, you may feel ready to discuss the surgery you’re considering with a professional. Head over to my website to book a consultation form today.