This little known condition affects many women who struggle to maintain shape and feel rather disproportionate. It results in symmetrical deposition of fatty tissue from ankles to buttocks.


Lipoedema is a condition whereby fatty deposits accumulate in a disproportionate fashion mainly in the lower half of the torso (hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves). It does not respond to exercise or weight loss.

Lipoedema Thighs

Lipoedema of the thighs can make them look very stocky and disproportionate. Clothing limitations are very common.

Lipoedema Calves

Lipoedema of the calves is fairly common and can give the appearance of a ”cankles”.

Lipoedema Knees

Lipoedema of the knees is common. Bulk can be removed with either VASER liposuction or Micro-lipo to create more shapely looking knees.

Lipoedema of the Arms

Lipoedema of the arms can be successfully treated with VASER