What is the Treatment?

The VASER Mid Def technique is used to bring out the contours of the musculature on the abdomen, chest and arms. It is aimed at creating a more toned and athletic look with smooth contours rather than the fully sculpted six-pack. Not everyone wants to look completely ripped, but would like some resemblance of a sporty torso.

What is the Procedure of the Treatment?

The VASER Mid Definition procedure also known as VASER Lipo Mid Def is performed under local anaesthetic and twilight sedation as a day case. Using tiny incisions the target is removing bulk and to enhance the muscle outlines resulting in a more athletic appearance. In men we create more stark appearance and in women more subtle curves. In both cases we can create the “V” appearance into the groin.

Who is the treatment best suited for?

It is aimed at both men and women. It is ideal for the person wanting a toned appearance and is able to manage and maintain that with sufficient exercise routine. Dr Wolf creates an age-appropriate appearance that does not look fake or overdone.


  • Question: Is Mid Def right for me?

    Answer: Dr Wolf will assess you at the consultation. If you would like a more natural athletic appearance then Mid Def is the right choice.

  • Question: When will I see results?

    Answer: The initial changes will be seen on the first 2-4 weeks. After this there will be some swelling which can mask the appearance. The MLD massages will speed the recovery and healing process. Every patient is different, but final results can be expected at 5-6 months.

  • Question: Will I need drains?

    Answer: In some occasions we do insert drain to speed up the leakage process and enhance the recovery period.

  • Question: What do I need to ask my surgeon at consultation?

    Answer: How many clients have you treated with VASER Mid-Def? Can I see testimonials, speak to clients you have treated? How many complications have you had? How have you managed these complications? What aftercare guidelines do you have in place? Will my skin tolerate the procedure? Can I see photos of your work? What results can I realistically expect from the treatment?

  • Question: What does the aftercare include?

    Answer: You will be required to wear a compression garment for 3-4 weeks. In some instances also a 4D vest. Antibiotics are prescribed as a preventative method and you will be given painkillers to take for the first few days. The MLD massage is vital in minimising the swelling and getting rid of excess fluid. Follow-up visits are scheduled at approximately 5 days, 3-4 weeks and 3-4 months.

  • Question: How much time off work do I need?

    Answer: It does depend on the areas that have been treated, but anywhere from 2-5 days.

  • Question: Is VASER Mid Def painful?

    Answer: We perform the procedure under local anaesthetic and twilight sedation so you will be very comfortable during the procedure. Painkillers are required for the first 2-5 days post-operatively.

  • Question: Will I need to exercise after the results have matured?

    Answer: You will need to maintain the results otherwise it is possible to regain the bulk and also lose the definition. You will need to watch your dietary intake and continue with a regular exercise routine.