VASER Lipo Mid Def

What Is VASER Lipo Mid Def?

VASER Lipo Mid Def is a variation of VASER liposuction that contours the middle section of the body. Vaser Lipo Mid Def stands for Mid Definition and aims to bring out the contours of the musculature on the abdomen, chest and arms to create a sculpted, smooth look.

People often choose VASER Lipo Mid Def to create a toned and athletic look, without the aggro and stress of having to go to the gym religiously and follow a strict micro-diet. 

The goal with VASER Lipo Mid Def is to smooth contours into the mid-section without necessarily creating a full six-pack. 

If you want a toned, sporty torso without looking completely ripped, then VASER Lipo Mid Def is for you!

Things You Need To Know About VASER Mid Def

  • VASER Lipo Mid Def doesn’t sculpt muscles out of fat, they enhance the muscles that are already there by sculpting around your muscles.
  • VASER Mid Def is performed under local anaesthetic and twilight sedation.
  • It’s performed as a day case, meaning that you can come in and leave the same day.
  • The VASER Lipo Mid Def procedure uses tiny incisions to remove the bulk fat that is blocking the muscle from looking toned and defined.
  • In Men’s Cosmetic Surgery, we are able to create a more stark, defined appearance and can create the appearance of abs and a “V” shape to the groin.

Who Should Go For Vaser Lipo Mid Def?

VASER Lipo Mid Def can suit men and women, however we find that men choose the procedure to create toned and athletic look, whilst women usually opt for it to create shape and curves.

VASER Lipo Mid Def is suited to those who are already healthy, but want to have a more toned appearance that they can’t achieve through diet and exercise alone. The ideal candidate will want to maintain their new physique through a sufficient exercise routine once the VASER Lipo Mid Def surgery has been performed.  It will be imperative to continue with a healthy nutritional plan and regular exercise routine. If you do not adhere to this then the results will be lost.

Almost anyone can have VASER Mid Def, and the perfect candidate is someone who wants a natural, age appropriate look that they are struggling to achieve without surgery. For examples of this procedure and many other VASER Liposuction results, head over to our photo gallery.

VASER Lipo Mid Def FAQ

  • Question: Is VASER Mid Def right for me?

    Answer: VASER Mid Def surgery is right for those looking for a natural, sporty look. If that sounds like you, then it is likely that the procedure will suit you. When you book in for a consultation, Dr Wolf will address all of your questions regarding whether the VASER Mid Def procedure is right for you.

  • Question: Does VASER Mid Def Hurt?

    Answer: During the procedure, you shouldn’t experience pain since the area is numbed with local anaesthetic. You will also be under twilight sedation during the procedure, so you should be very comfortable. However, you may experience discomfort in the recovery period following VASER Lipo Mid Def and painkillers are therefore recommended 2-5 days after recovery.

  • Question: What Is The Cost Of VASER Lipo Mid Def?

    Answer: Each procedure varies depending on the size of the body part and the amount of areas that you are having treated. The best thing to do is register your contact details and request a call back for an accurate quote.

  • Question: Will I Need Drains After VASER Lipo Mid Def?

    Answer: In most cases we do insert drains to speed up the leakage process and ensure that you get back to normal life ASAP. Most people having VASER Lipo Mid Def want to create a subtle look that is undetectable, so the quicker they are able to get back on their feet the better - drains can help the recovery process by minimising swelling and fluid collection.

  • Question: What Does VASER Lipo Mid Def Aftercare Include?

    Answer: The benefits of having your VASER Lipo Mid Def in the UK are that you won’t have to worry about the aftercare being far away, as with treatments abroad. Dr Wolf is normally based in London, and will be on hand to answer your questions and ensure that you receive the best aftercare following your surgery. You will have check-up about 5 days post-op, then at 3-4 weeks and 3-4 months. Aftercare for VASER Mid Def surgery will include wearing a compression garment for 4-5 weeks and in all cases a 4D vest. Don’t worry though, these can go undetected when placed under clothing. On top of this, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent any infections occurring. MLD massage is also essential, as this will help to minimise swelling and reduce the excess fluid that can build up. Dr Wolf can set you up with the best professionals for MLD massage.

  • Question: Will I Need Time Off Work After VASER Lipo Mid Def?

    Answer: possibly, it depends on the areas that have been treated. However, it is sensible to assume that you will be off work and resting for 2-5 days following the procedure.

  • Question: Do I Need To Exercise Following My VASER Mid Def surgery?

    Answer: Yes, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the results. If you gain weight, you will of course regain fat and lose definition, so it is wise to keep up a good diet and exercise routine to keep the shape created.