Lipoedema Thighs

Reducing the bulk of front, outer and inner thighs can make a significant difference in the silhouette and profile of a torso. Functional improvement is also noted with less rubbing together of the inner thighs.

VASER lipo is ideal to reduce the bulk and create some skin tightening.

The procedure can be done under local anaesthetic or twilight sedation as a day case walk-in/ walk-out.

Who is the treatment best suited for?

Stage I or II lipoedema is suited. The skin elasticity needs to be assessed at the consultation. If there is too much laxity in the skin then a thigh lift may be required.

Lipoedema Thighs FAQ

  • Question: Do I need MLD?

    Answer: Yes we recommend at least 5-7 sessions.

  • Question: Will there be bruising?

    Answer: In most cases there will be some mild bruising, although that does vary between individuals.

  • Question: When can I go back to work?

    Answer: Generally after 3-4 days.

  • Question: When can I start exercise again?

    Answer: Walking can be started immediately. Other body parts can also be exercised in the first week. Running can be resumed after about 4-5 weeks realistically.