Abdomen Liposuction For Women

Many women wish that they could achieve a flatter, more toned midsection. For those individuals, Abdomen Liposuction offers a way to achieve an athletic look without having to hit the gym and follow a restrictive diet. Liposuction removes the fat deposits that rest on the stomach area, revealing the muscles underneath.

Abdomen Liposuction for women comes in many varieties with each specific procedure targeting a different need. For some women the goal is removing large amounts of fat, and for others the goal is toning the abdomen area and creating defined curves. Whatever your need, there are many options for women looking for abdomen liposuction procedures, take a look at a few below.

What Surgery Is Appropriate For Abdominal Fat Reduction?

Abdominal fat reduction is a common procedure that can sculpt and tone the body, often it is carried out alongside Flanks Liposuction to give a more dramatic look or as a stand alone procedure for those looking to tone up. There are many options depending on your desired look, however the best way to decide which procedure is right for you is with a face to face consultation.

VASER Liposuction For The Abdomen Area

VASER Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure performed through tiny holes that heal quickly and with virtually no scarring. VASER Liposuction removes the abdomen fat by liquefying the tissue and then removing it via suction. 

This allows us to use gentler suction on the abdomen area to remove the emulsified fat compared to traditional liposuction techniques.  In most cases the patient will be under sedation whilst the procedure goes ahead and the area will be numbed with local anesthetic. You will thus be snoozing while the procedure is being performed.

Micro Lipo For The Abdomen Area

For those wanting a more subtle look, or trying to sculpt around the muscles that they can see emerging, Micro Lipo is a great choice. Like VASER Lipo, this version of abdomen liposuction is carried out under sedation and local anesthetic and is treated as a day case - meaning that in most cases patients walk out the same day.

Micro Lipo uses tiny cannulas - as small as 0.9mm - to suck fat from the abdomen area in smaller quantities to reveal tone and definition. It is less about removing large amounts of fat from the abdomen and more about sculpting around the muscle to reveal beautiful definition. As the cannulas and incisions are so tiny there is minimal risk of bruising, bleeding and discomfort.

VASER Mid Def For The Stomach Area

VASER Mid Def is a great abdomen liposuction procedure as it brings out the contours of the musculature on the abdomen. It is normally combined with chest and arms to give a full revamp, however for women often the stomach area alone is ideal.

VASER Mid Def for the Abdomen is aimed at creating a more toned and athletic look with smooth contours rather than the fully sculpted six-pack. Not everyone wants to look completely ripped, but would like to see muscle definition on the tummy area. It’s a zone that lots of women struggle with, as the stubborn pockets of belly fat don’t seem to respond to exercise or diet, especially after numerous pregnancies.  As such, VASER Mid Def can be great for the stomach area.

VASER Hi-Def For The Abdomen Area

VASER Hi Def is a great choice of abdomen liposuction for women that are already very athletic and want a very sculpted appearance as it reveals your existing abdominal features and muscle contours and gives you a more ripped  appearance.

We can enhance the vertical and horizontal muscle insertions, the obliques and the “V” going to the groin (not for women, only men).

Abdomen Liposuction For Women FAQ

  • Question: Do I Need To Wear An Abdominal Liposuction Compression Garment?

    Answer: You will need to wear an abdominal lipo compression garment following abdominal liposuction surgery. Don’t panic though - these garments can be hidden under clothes and will actually increase the speed of recovery and minimise complications. Compression garments apply pressure across the area which prevent build up of fluid and ensures that your body recovers as quickly as possible. Generally you will wear the garment for 4-5 weeks. We often also use a 4d foam vest which helps with contour and improves the outcome.

  • Question: What are Abdomen Liposuction Before And After results like?

    Answer: In most cases, patients are delighted with abdomen liposuction results. Often the tummy zone is a really hard place to shift fat from, and a place that many women are self conscious about. The results can therefore have a life changing effect on confidence levels. Check out the physical before and after images on our before and after liposuction page, or read up on mental health and body confidence for more information.

  • Question: What Is The Stomach Liposuction Recovery Process?

    Answer: Abdomen Liposuction is treated as a day case, meaning that you can walk in and out on the same day all going well. MLD massage and compression garments will aid the recovery process however you may still see swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Generally, people can expect to be back to their day to day life after about 5 days and fully recovered after 2-4 weeks.

  • Question: Will I need MLD massages?

    Answer: Yes, for any form of definition MLD is of paramount importance. First of all it will extrude any residual fluid and also get rid of the remaining swelling. The body reacts to intervention by swelling up, so we want to reduce this as much as possible. As a guide you will require about 3-4 in the 1st week, 2-3 in the 2nd week and 2-3 in the 3rd week. Dr Wolf will guide in your requirements after your procedure.

  • Question: Can the fat come back after Liposuction?

    Answer: Yes it can and that all depends on your discipline when it comes to eating, drinking and exercise. Your average fluctuation of a few kilograms is ok. However, if you gain weight this can stimulate the stem cells to produce more adipose cells in areas that have had liposuction. It is thus a myth that you cannot gain fat in areas that have had liposuction.