Vaser Lipo and other Liposuction treatment prices

Vaser Lipo, Vaser Mid and Vaser Hi Def prices

VASER Lipo, VASER Mid and VASER Hi-Def are a great range of lipo treatments, which usually cost in the region of £2600-£6000 depending on how many body areas are treated.

VASER can be performed on lots of body areas, such as abdomen, flanks, upper back, male chest (man boobs), buttocks, inner thighs. Front of thighs, outer thighs (saddle bags), chin and jowls (double chin), neck, armpits (axilla), arms (bingo wings), knees, calves and ankles. All prices are discussed during the consultation.

You can also refer to our 3D Body Maps to help identify the body parts you want to target:

Our Pricing

  • VASER 1 Body Area - from £2900
  • Fat Transfer  - from £3000
  • Wrinkle Reduction - from £200
  • Fillers - from £250
  • Peels - from £350
  • Mid Definition - from £5000