Male Chest Reduction Explained

Male chest reduction has become a very popular treatment.  Men have become a lot more aware of treatments available and have realised there are also cosmetic procedures for them.  The minimally invasive technique makes this more popular. It forms approximately 50-60% of our treatment areas for male cosmetic procedures.

There are various techniques available to reduce the male chest size.

Firstly one should try exercise and diet and only if a good attempt at this has not worked, the one can look into other options.

Weight loss will reduce the fat content, but not the gland.  This has to be removed by some means – either liposuction or surgical excision.

The chest tissue contains breast gland, fatty tissue and connective tissue.  Liposuction techniques can generally reduce the gland and fat to a great extent.

We want to still maintain the masculinity of the chest, but reduce the bulk that gives it the appearance of a female breast.

The trick is also to prevent something called nipple or scar retraction.  This is an unsightly adverse side effect which results from over resection (removing too much tissue behind the nipple) of the tissue and subsequent scar formation onto the pectoralis muscle.  This then gives a deformity when the chest muscle is contracted resulting in inverting of the nipple.